Vivacious musical polyglots b0ka serve pop-coated sounds with an irresistibly enigmatic air. Friends since kindergarten, the talented quintet blend polychromatic musical influences that are at once stubbornly hard to define and impossibly seductive.

The b0ka project burst into life in the mid-2010s, with their striking sonics quickly finding a home on some of meta-disco's most revered imprints. EPs and singles arrived via Eskimo, Paper Recordings, Diamond Club – as well as on their own b0ka Recordings – winning countless admirers and generating invites to play at some of Norway's most prestigious festivals.

In 2016, the band pushed pause to focus on a range of equally acclaimed projects, including Lakeshouse (Paper Recordings), OJKOS, Bjørnar Sira and Den Kosmiske Overorden. The onset of the pandemic allowed the childhood friends an opportunity to resume their b0ka adventuring, revisiting long-lost hard discs and re-imagining the choice morsels into the Sagrada Jukebox mixtape in the Spring of 2022. During this period, the band set to recording their dazzling and soon-to-arrive debut long-player 'Forever, My Friend' – an exquisitely complete collection of songs that are sure to satisfy the collective hunger of eagerly waiting fans.

For the uninitiated, the b0ka sound signature is deliciously challenging to describe. Drawing on the cut & paste dynamism of The Avalanches, the pristine pop swagger of the late, great Prince, and the tongue-in-cheek charm of Alex Cameron, b0ka present pop-ready songs with roots extending deep into the fertile soil of house, disco, R&B and electronica.

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Beatservice discography

  • BS263-1 Stone Cold Girl Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS263 Forever, My Friend LP/Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS263-2 Want Me To Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS263-3 Let Go Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS263-4 Last Night (On Earth) Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS280 Chili Blonde's Livingroom Sessions Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2024)

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