Boblebad, real name Ulf Moen Denneche, is an artist that has the essence of creativity coursing through his very being. An all-round production dynamo, the Oslo-based creator is equally adept at crafting immersive sonic textures as striking visual imagery, expertly functioning as an inspired musical producer as well as a painter and visual artist.

In the spring of 2021, the 37-year-old talent arrived on Beatservice with his label debut - the utterly compelling deep house/meta-disco hybrid, 'Vill Falafel'. His powerfully individual music has also found a home on numerous other highly-respected imprints, including Eskimo, Full Pupp, Paper Recordings, and Aquavit Beat, among others. With a stubbornly eclectic sound signature, Boblebad's genre-defying back-catalogue includes gorgeously emotive Balearic soundscapes, brooding deep house grooves, adventurous journeys into electronica, deviant contemporary disco refinement, and all things between.

On top of his prowess as a studio technician and visual artist, he also plays trombone for a cultured Afrobeat band, as well as in a rousing, jazz-inspired big band. Indeed, his musical roots run incredibly deep, and as a youngster, Ulf cut his performance teeth while playing in a marching band alongside none other than Håkon Vinnogg - better known as the one and only Vinny Villbass.

With further releases penned in the Beatservice diary over the coming months, Boblebad is, without doubt, an artist who deserves close attention from discerning collectors and apogee surfing tastemakers alike.

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Beatservice discography

  • BS245 Boblebad: Vill Falafel Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS249 Boblebad: Kalde Vibber Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS249-1 Boblebad: Paraplydrink Digital single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS249-2 Boblebad: Hundeliv Digital single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS253 Boblebad: Rund i kantene Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS253-1 Boblebad: Kald fisk Digital single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS253-2 Boblebad: Syrebad Digital single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS259 Boblebad: Kor Du Ska? (featuring Nora Pagu) Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS261 Boblebad: Tidlig Oppe Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS266 Boblebad: Nattbad Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS266-1 Boblebad: Papirfly Digital single (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS266-2 Boblebad: Palmesus Digital single (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS273 Boblebad: DrÝmmeknuser Digital album (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS273-1 Boblebad: Dallasburger Digital single (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS273-2 Boblebad: Raske Briller Digital single (Beatservice Records 2023)

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