Boblebad, real name Ulf Moen Denneche, is a 37 years old producer and visual artist from Oslo. He has previously been heard on the likes of Paper Recordings, Eskimo Recordings, Full Pupp Ekspress, Aquavit BEAT, Metronomicon Audio, Euforisk and MarsMelons. He also plays trombone in the afrobeat-band Kojokona and in a Big Band, in addition to being a painter and visual artist.
Boblebad funfact: in his youth, Ulf played in a marching band along with Håkon Vinnogg aka Vinny Villbass...!!!

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Beatservice discography

  • BS245 Boblebad: Vill Falafel Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2021)


  • BS249-1 Paraplydrink Digital single (17. sep 2021)
  • BS249-2 Hundeliv Digital single (29. oct 2021)
  • BS249 Kalde Vibber Digital EP (10. dec 2021)

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