Fenomenon, consisting of Kjetil Ingebretsen and Håvard Rosenberg, hails from Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. In 2000, they signed with London label Nuphonic, and released two critically acclaimed EP's, making Fenomenon a household name in the international nujazz/downbeat scene. Their debut album for Beatservice Records, Hourglass, featured a new side of Fenomenon, with its electronica oriented broken beats, while the second album In Stereo leaned more towards the soul/funky side. The tracks from the debut EP's were then finally compiled into the Pacific Memories album.

4 years in the making, the fourth Fenomenon album saw the duo turned into a trio, with the addition of drummer/producer Ruben Dalen. The album was a feel and a mix of the two Fenomenon-vibes; movie inspired scores and pop/electronica.

After a long period of focus on family life, daytime jobs etc, Kjetil and Håvard is now back again in the studio, and back again as a duo. A new EP is due in may 2021.

Kjetil: "We are having a blast getting the creativity churning together again, and the effect has been immediate. The old magic is there! I have been out of the game for a long time, and coming back in and experiencing what a killer musician and producer Håvard has become has been so much fun, and I am humbled to the fact that we remain musical soulmates!"

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  • Pacific Memories 12" (Nuphonic 2000)
  • visjon.nord EP 12" (Nuphonic 2002)
  • Lucy Said 12" (Hi Fi Terapi 2003)
  • BS075 Time 12" (Beatservice Records 2004)
  • BS075CD Time CD-single (Beatservice Records 2004)
  • BS076CD Trouble Takes Flight (featuring Thomas Dybdahl) CD-single (Beatservice Records 2004)
  • BS077CD Hourglass CD (Beatservice Records 2004)
  • BS091CD Slow Steady CD-single (Beatservice Records 2005)
  • BS092CD In Stereo CD (Beatservice Records 2005)
  • BS092EP In Stereo EP 12" (Beatservice Records 2005)
  • BS094CD Pacific Memories: the early tapes CD (Beatservice Records 2006)
  • BS132CD Fenomenon CD (Beatservice Records 2011)
  • BS134 Ambitious Man Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2011)
  • BS246 Tropic of Capricorn EP (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS246-1 Tropic of Capricorn single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS246-2 Tropic Of Capricorn (Third Attempt Remix) Digital single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS254-2 Lucy Said (SoundSAM's Oh Lucy Remix) Digital single (Beatservice Records 2022)

compilation contributions

  • ClubQuart 00 DCD (Tuba Records 2000)
    Fenomenon: From Inside
  • DrumRhythmNuphonic Soundcheck DCD (PIAS Germany 2000)
    Fenomenon: Pacific Memories / Fenomenon: Pacific Memories
  • Nuphonic 03 CD / LP (Nuphonic 2000)
    Fenomenon: Out Of Control
  • Test Three DCD (Nova Records 2000)
    Fenomenon: Out Of Control
  • Chill:in Volume 4 DCD (Kickin Records 2001)
    Fenomenon: Solara
  • Le Café Abstrait Volume 2 - Relaxation Is Total Peace CD (Jubilee Records 2001)
    Fenomenon: Pacific Memories
  • OM Lounge 5 CD / LP (OM Records 2001)
    Fenomenon: Pacific Memories
  • Private Lounge DCD (Apricot Records 2001)
    Fenomenon: Pacific Memories
  • Sounds From The City CD (Choice Productions 2001)
    Fenomenon: Solara
  • Tokijo 002 12" (Tokijo 2001)
    Fenomenon: Solara (butti's soleie pleie)
  • Undiscovered Ibiza 3 CD (Undiscovered 2001)
    Fenomenon: Pacific Memories
  • Viva Ibiza Chill CD (Mixmag 2001)
    Fenomenon: Pacific Memories
  • Winter Chill 3 DCD (Hed Kandi 2001)
    Fenomenon: Awake
  • Before L'Apericlub CD (Bar De Lune 2002)
    Fenomenon: Solara
  • Carte Blanche 3 CD / LP (Naked Music 2002)
    Fenomenon: Romero Avenue
  • Electrochill CD (Surge Recordings 2002)
    Fenomenon: Out Of Control
  • Es Vive Ibiza DCD (Base Ibiza Records 2002)
    Fenomenon: Can't They Be Good
  • Naked Music Presents Carte Blanche 3 CD (Astralwerks 2002)
    Fenomenon: Romero Avenue
  • Nordic Exposure - A Global Journey Into Scandinavian Nu Jazz CD (Quango 2002)
    Fenomenon: Solara
  • Real Ibiza 5: The Sun Lounge CD / DCD / 3xLP (React 2002)
    Fenomenon: Pacific Memories
  • The Sound Of The Cosmos 3xCD (Hooj Choons 2002)
    Fenomenon: Pacific Memories
  • This Is Not A Soundclash CD (Nuphonic 2002)
    Fenomenon: Out Of Control
  • Way Out North CD (Atomic Agency 2003)
    Fenomenon: Hypersleep
  • Audio Nova 01# DCD (More Music and Media 2004)
    Fenomenon: Time (radio edit)*
  • Deluxe II – For Your Pleasure - Finest Moments in Modern Lou CD (United/Disque Deluxe 2004)
    Fenomenon: Hypersleep
  • La Voile Rouge CD (Happy Music 2004)
    Fenomenon: Hypersleep
  • Beatservice Jukebox - best of beatservice records (BS080DCD) DCD (Beatservice Records 2004)
    Fenomenon: Lucy Said
  • Norway Now - Electronica promo CD (Music Export Norway 2004)
    Fenomenon: Time
  • / Fenomenon: Time (ernesto's emotional memory remix)
  • Beatservice Radio 2004 (BS084CD) CD-EP (Beatservice Records 2004)
    Fenomenon: Trouble Takes Flight (radio edit)
  • Blossom CD (Disque Deluxe/United 2005)
    Fenomenon: Sleepy Meadows Of Buxton
  • Café Karma DCD (Parklane Recordings 2005)
    Fenomenon: Time (ernesto emotional memory remix)
  • Cafe Solaire 8 - Ethno Moods & Deep Cool DCD (Soulstar Records 2005)
    Fenomenon: Hypersleep / Fenomenon: Space Continuum
  • Reuge Remixed CD (Muve Recordings 2005)
    Fenomenon: The B-minor Suite / Clair de Lune (aeravia mix) / Fenomenon: Melodien Von Händel (clifton vegas mix)
  • Prima Norsk 3 - the space disco EP (BS078) 12" (Beatservice Records 2005)
    Fenomenon: Time (lindstrom remix)
  • Prima Norsk 3 - the space disco edition (BS078CD) CD (Beatservice Records 2005)
    Fenomenon: Time (lindstrom remix)
  • Beatservice Video Jukebox - best of beatservice music videos 1994-2004 (BS080DVD) DVD (Beatservice Records 2006)
    Fenomenon: Lucy Said / Fenomenon: Time
  • / Fenomenon: Trouble Takes Flight
  • Best Of Lounge Music Vol 3 CD (Electric Lounge 2006)
    Fenomenon: Pacific Memories
  • Holmes Place - Body Balance No. 1 CD (Cool Logistic 2006)
    Fenomenon: Daytime TV
  • Norway Electronica 2. edition CD (Music Export Norway 2006)
    Fenomenon: Slow Steady
  • Serve Chilled: A Return To The Brighter Side Of Chill DCD (Hed Kandi Records 2006)
    Fenomenon: Pacific Memories
  • The Trip 2 DCD (Family Recordings 2006)
    Fenomenon: Sleepy Meadows Of Muxton
  • Chilled 1991-2008 3CD (Ministry Of Sound 2008)
    Fenomenon: Sleepy Meadows Of Buxton
  • Renaissance 3D: Tom Mittleton DCD (Renaissance 2008)
    Fenomenon: Out Of Control
  • Sunset Cafe 5 - EUthentic Gallery CD (Night People Productions 2008)
    Fenomenon: Calming Park (The Lushlife Project Remix)
  • Uncovered DCD (Ministry Of Sound 2009)
    Fenomenon: Everybody Wants To Rule The World
  • ArchiPOP#1 (BS160) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2015)
    Fenomenon: Hypersleep
  • SoundSAM Bootleg Remixes (BS254) Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2022)
    Fenomenon: Lucy Said (SoundSAM's Oh Lucy Remix)


  • Arvid featuring Ernestos: Try (fenomenon remix)
    on Bare Essentials CD (Naked Music/Astralwerks 2002)
  • Butti 49: Allan Accellerates (fenomenon snowjogg 87 remix)
    on Allan Accellerates 12" (Hi Fi Terapi 2003)
  • Cique Du Soleil: El Pendulo (fenomenon northern comfort mix) 
    on Varekai CD (BMG)

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