The thing about Flunk is quite simple. It is all about the love of music - and the lack of words. Or being tired of words. Organised by Ulph, Flunk are the collective enterprise of the former, guitarist Jo Bakke (he used to be in Norwegian pop act Happy Campers, who moved on to electronic music and even had a 12" on Ninja Tunes, and now also is one half of house-combo Antenna (Guidance)), and Anja Øyen Vister (a medical student who has been singing for years, but only occasinally in a band setting). There are also others adding layers during the process of making Flunk music, including Ivar Winther and his flute, and Ulphs girlfriend, Tine Skarland singing.

Ulph has made four albums with Norwegian pop act Folk & Røvere since 1996, receiving both critical acclaim and some brief moments of chart success for the slightly odd mix of Norwegian lyrics and downbeat music. The first two albums were made with Beate Lech, now enjoying success on her own with Beady Belle.

Flunk, then, is basically about letting the music speak louder than the ever flowing words. The soundscapes are mid-tempo, and with the sound of guitars almost always present, it puts a kind of rock touch to the chill-out feel and pop tunes. Well, that is the general idea, anyway.

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  • BS049 Miss World 12" (Beatservice Records 2002)
  • BS051CD For Sleepyheads Only CD (Beatservice Records 2002)
  • BS051LP For Sleepyheads Only LP (Beatservice Records 2002)
  • BS053CDS Blue Monday CD-single (Beatservice Records 2002)
  • BS053R Blue Monday Remixes 12" (Beatservice Records 2002)
  • Blue Monday CD-single (Guidance 2002)
  • Blue Monday remixes 12" (Guidance 2002)
  • For Sleepyheads Only CD (Guidance, USA 2002)
  • BS063CD Treat Me Like You Do - For Sleepyheads Only remixed CD (Beatservice Records 2003)
  • BS063LP Treat Me Like You Do - For Sleepyheads Only remixed DLP (Beatservice Records 2003)
  • For Sleepyheads Only CD (Groovy Garden, Greece 2003)
  • BS074CD Morning Star CD (Beatservice Records 2004)
  • BS081CD On My Balcony CD-single (Beatservice Records 2004)
  • For Sleepyheads Only CD (Pravitelstvo Zvuka 2004)
  • Morning Star CD (Kryztal Entertainment 2004)
  • Treat Me Like You Do DCD (Groovy Garden 2004)
  • BS063XCD Blue Monday Remixes Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2005)
  • BS085CD Play America CD (Beatservice Records 2005)
  • BS089CD All Day And All Of The Night CD-single (Beatservice Records 2005)
  • All Day And All Of The Night remixes promo CD (Kryztal Entertainment 2005)
  • Blue Monday Remixes CD-R (Beatservice Records 2005)
  • BS095 KEXP Live Sessions Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2006)
  • BS097CD Personal Stereo CD (Beatservice Records 2007)
  • BS097S Sit Down Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2007)
  • BS104CD Democracy - Personal Stereo versions CD (Beatservice Records 2007)
  • BS112DS Silent Night Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2008)
  • BS114DS Common Sense Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2009)
  • BS116CD This Is What You Get CD (Beatservice Records 2009)
  • BS136CD The Songs We Sing - Best Of 2002-2012 CD (Beatservice Records 2012)
  • BS136DD The Songs We Sing - Best Of 2002-2012 Deluxe Version Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2012)
  • BS140 Queen Of The Underground Single (Beatservice Records 2012)
  • BS141 Cigarette Burns Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2012)
  • BS140R Queen Of The Underground Remixes Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2013)
  • BS143 Sanctuary Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2013)
  • BS144CD Lost Causes CD (Beatservice Records 2013)
  • BS145 Love And Halogen (edit) Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2013)
  • BS149L Blue Monday live in Prague Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2014)
  • BS149R Blue Monday 2014 Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2014)
  • BS156 Deconstruction Time Again Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2015)
  • BS170 TMTTUOT Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2016)
  • BS172 Cover Ups - The Home Recordings Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2016)
  • BS181 Petrified Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2017)
  • BS181R Petrified - SKL Remixes Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2017)
  • BS182 Outsiders Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2017)
  • BS183 Chemistry and Math LP/CD/digital (Beatservice Records 2017)
  • BS188 Chemistry And Math Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2017)
  • BS051XCD For Sleepyheads Only (2018 re-press) CD (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS051XLP For Sleepyheads Only (2018 deluxe re-press) DLP (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS194A Hello (Planet Awesome) (Demo Version) Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS194B TMTTUOT (Demo Version) Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS195 Your Beautiful Lies Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS199 Indian Rope Trick Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS199BC Indian Rope Trick (Bandcamp Special) Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS201 SKL RMX Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS206 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS233 Down Here/Moon Above Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2020)
  • BS237 Ashes To Ashes Digital single (Beatservice Records 2020)
  • BS240 History Of Everything Ever Digital/CD/LP (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS240-1 Under The Covers Digital single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS240-2 I Get You Digital single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS240-3 Fingertips Digital single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS240-4 Midsummer (Single Mix) Digital single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS240-5 Down Here/Moon Above (Drums Version) Digital single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS240-6 History Dubs EP Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS240-7 Fingertips (SKL Heartbeat Remix) Digital single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS074X Morning Star Expanded LP/CD/Digital (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS074X-1 On My Balcony (2022 remaster) Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS074X-2 Blind My Mind (2022 remaster) Digital single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS255 Blind My Mind (Norwegian Giants Remix) Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS257 Down Here/Moon Above (SKL Remix) Digital single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS265 Cover Ups, Vol. 2 LP/CD/digital album (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS265-1 Golden Brown Digital single (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS265-2 Cherry Came Too Digital single (Beatservice Records 2023)


  • BS274 tbc Digital single (2. feb 2024)

compilation contributions

  • Arctic Circles 3 (BSCD043) CD (Beatservice Records 2001)
    Flunk: Indian Rope Trick
  • Arctic Circles 3 DJ Sampler (BSEP043) 12" (Beatservice Records 2001)
    Flunk: Indian Rope Trick
  • Chill Out Sessions vol. 2 DCD (Blanco Y Negro 2002)
    Flunk: Blue Monday
  • Excursions CD (Water Music Records 2002)
    Flunk: Magic Potion
  • Friendly Selection - lucid voices and lazy beats (BS052CD) CD (Beatservice Records 2002)
    Flunk: See Thru You
  • The Blue Room - Mixed by Chris Coco & Rob Da Bank CD (Muzik Magazine 2002)
    Flunk: Blue Monday
  • Ultra Chilled 03 DCD (Ultra Records 2002)
    Flunk: Blue Monday
  • Acoustic Chill 2 - compiled by Chris Coco DCD (Distinctive Records 2003)
    Flunk: Blue Monday
  • Chillin' At The Playboy Mansion - mixed by Chris Coco CD (Audio Boutique/Tantric Records 2003)
    Flunk: See Thru You
  • Covered - compiled by James Hyman CD / DLP (Obsessive Recordings/BMG UK 2003)
    Flunk: Blue Monday
  • Every Day A Story CD (Klik Records 2003)
    Flunk: Kebab Shop 3AM
  • It's All Good - remixes by Blue States CD (Keep Diggin' Records 2003)
    Flunk: Blue Monday (blue states remix)
  • Kontor Sunset Chill vol. 4 CD (Kontor Records 2003)
    Flunk: Blue Monday
  • Later DCD (Audio Boutique 2003)
    Flunk: Distortion
  • Longrain vol 2 CD (Instinctive Travels 2003)
    Flunk: Blue Monday
  • Luftkastelet CD (Music For Dreams 2003)
    Flunk: Blue Monday (rune lindbæk loves manchester remix)
  • Natural 2 3XCD (Debaile Muxxic/Mono Records 2003)
    Flunk: Blue Monday
  • Shhhh… Volumen Cuatro CD (Blanco Y Negro 2003)
    Flunk: See Thru You
  • Star Gazing CD (Guidance 2003)
    Flunk: Blue Monday
  • Switch 3 CD (a.m./N.E.W.S 2003)
    Flunk: Blue Monday (jori hulkkonen mix)
  • 10 ans de Mapic CD (Vivicom Music 2004)
    Flunk: Blue Monday
  • Audio Nova 01# DCD (More Music and Media 2004)
    Flunk: Six-Seven Times
  • Breathe Yoga CD (Breathe Magazine 2004)
    Flunk: Kebab Shop 4AM
  • Chillout Café DCD (Sonic Records 2004)
    Flunk: Kebab Shop 3AM / Flunk: See Thru You
  • Make The Style – Drivin’ Slow - selected by Shinichi Osawa DCD (Sony Music Associated Lables 2004)
    Flunk: Blue Monday (rune lindbæk loves manchester mix)
  • Music For Coctails vol 2 DCD (United Recordings 2004)
    Flunk: Blue Monday (rune lindbæk loves manchedster mix)
  • Natural Ibiza DCD (elDance 2004)
    Flunk: Blue Monday (rune lindbæck loves manchester remix)
  • Norway Now - Electronica promo CD (Music Export Norway 2004)
    Flunk: Spring To Kingdom Come
  • Beatservice Jukebox - best of beatservice records (BS080DCD) DCD (Beatservice Records 2004)
    Flunk: On My Balcony / Flunk: Blue Monday (syntax erik "bad command" remix) / Flunk: Blue Monday (snorre seim remix)
  • Red Music, Food & Design CD (EMI Italy 2004)
    Flunk: Blue Monday
  • Reveal Your True Nature CD (Plastiks Magazine 2004)
    Flunk: Blue Monday
  • Shhhh... Volumen Cinco CD (Blanco y Negro 2004)
    Flunk: True Faith (live at hotel de roubaix, paris)
  • Beatservice Radio 2004 (BS084CD) CD-EP (Beatservice Records 2004)
    Flunk: Six Seven Times (radio edit)
  • Zen Conenction 3 DCD (One World Music 2004)
    Flunk: Indian Rope Trick
  • Calming Park 4 Universal CD (Switzerland 2005)
    Flunk: Play
  • Dance Series: Issue 24 promo CD (Pool/NET 2005)
    Flunk: All Day & All Of The Night (tronso & nils noa remix) / Flunk: All Day & All Of The Night (original mix) / Flunk: All Day & All Of The Night (tronso & nils noa remix rad
  • Eivissa CD (Luxury House 2005)
    Flunk: Blue Monday (jori hulkkonen remix 2)
  • Lazy Days & Sundays II CD (Instinctive Travels 2005)
    Flunk: Six-Seven Times
  • Maximum Dance 10 CD (Mr Music 2005)
    Flunk: All Day And All Of The Night (remix)
  • Music From The O.C mix 4 CD (Warner Brothers 2005)
    Flunk: Play
  • Rob Da Bank presents Sunday Best CD (Sunday Best 2005)
    Flunk: True Faith (live studio recording)
  • Samsung Chill Out Sessions Vol 3 DCD (Blanco Y Negro 2005)
    Flunk: On My Balcony / Flunk: True Faith (recorded live at Hotel Roubaix, Paris)
  • Scandinavian Style CD (Rambling Records 2005)
    Flunk: On My Balcony
  • Beatservice Video Jukebox - best of beatservice music videos 1994-2004 (BS080DVD) DVD (Beatservice Records 2006)
    Flunk: Six Seven Times / Flunk: On My Balcony / Flunk: All Day And All Of The Night / Flunk: Kebab Shop 3AM
  • Spiritlove DCD (Atoll Music 2005)
    Flunk: Blue Monday (rune lindbæk loves manchester mix)
  • Summer Excess CD (KDK Records 2005)
    Flunk: All Day And All Of The Night (tronso & nils noa remix)
  • Holmes Place - Body Balance No. 1 CD (Cool Logistic 2006)
    Flunk: Sugar Planet
  • Norway Electronica 2. edition CD (Music Export Norway 2006)
    Flunk: Skysong
  • South Beach: Lincoln Road CD (Kriztal Entertainment 2006)
    Flunk: All Day And All Of The Night (Tronso & Nils Noa Remix) (Radio Edit)
  • Rune Lindbæk's N-Disko Mix (BS098CD) CD (Beatservice Records 2007)
    Flunk: Blue Monday (rune lindbæk disco dub)
  • Music For Cocktails volume 8 - Metropolitan DCD (United Recordings 2007)
    Flunk: Six Seven Times
  • Sessions Summer 2007 3CD (Ministry Of Sound 2007)
    Flunk: See You
  • Be Cool CD (Rambling Records 2008)
    Flunk: Personal Stereo (Sagevik Remix)
  • Walk With Me (St Thomas cover album) CD (Racing Junior 2008)
    Flunk: Last Word
  • Chilled II 1991-2009 3CD (Ministry Of Sound 2009)
    Flunk: Blue Monday
  • Uncovered DCD (Ministry Of Sound 2009)
    Flunk: Blue Monday
  • ArchiPOP#1 (BS160) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2015)
    Flunk: Six Seven Times
  • ArchiPOP#2 (BS200) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2018)
    Flunk: Petrified (SKL Floating Mix)
  • ArchiPOP#2 (BS200LP) LP (Beatservice Records 2018)
    Flunk: Petrified (SKL Floating Mix)
  • BSRMX01 (BS236) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2020)
    Flunk: Blue Monday (Marcapasos & Janosh Rework)
  • BSRMX01 (BS236CD) CD (Beatservice Records 2020)
    Flunk: Blue Monday (Marcapasos & Janosh Rework)

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