Aleksander Kostopoulos

photo: Mads Suhr Pettersen

Aleksander Kostopoulos is an audiovisual drummer, composer and artist hailing from Bod , Norway.

He is best known for his percussion work in the sami pop trio IS K and collaborations with prominent Norwegian artist such as Mari Boine, Adjagas, Moddi and Marthe Valle.

In recent years, Kostopoulos has established a distinctive style that blends his drumming expertise with electronic music and visual art. His compositions is a fusion of atmospheric soundscapes and falsetto vocals that blends in with his energetic and visually captivating drumming and danceable beats.

In addition to composing commissioned works for festivals, Kostopoulos has released three albums and created compositions for contemporary dance performances and theater productions. He collaborates with renowned lighting designers to create audiovisual live performances that captivate audiences. Through these collaborations, he combines his signature drumming style, electronic music, and visual art to produce a dynamic and immersive multimedia experience.

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  • Faleo LP (Audun & Thomas 2018)
  • Kusolda digital single (Audun & Thomas 2018)
  • Saklageto digital single (Audun & Thomas 2018)
  • Oftania digital single (Pott & Panne 2021)
  • Bakla digital single (Pott & Panne 2022)
  • Nigofera digital single (Pott & Panne 2022)
  • Oftania digital album (Pott & Panne 2022)
  • euKam digital single (Pott & Panne 2023)
  • FolaNero digital album (Pott & Panne 2023)
  • Pangmi digital single (Pott & Panne 2023)
  • BS278 BaNi Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2024)
  • BS278-1 SteinGu Digital single (Beatservice Records 2024)
  • BS278-2 miGla Digital single (Beatservice Records 2024)


  • BS284-1 Akiro Digital single (9. aug 2024)
  • BS284-2 Hbrae Digital single (20. sep 2024)

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