BS245 Boblebad: Vill Falafel

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Design/artwork by Ulf Moen Denneche

Vill Falafel

Format: Digital EP
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS245
Release date: 2. apr 2021

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Vill Falafel






Fot i Hummusen

Press info

New artist in the Beatservice Records rooster is Norwegian talent Boblebad, real name Ulf Moen Denneche, previously heard on the likes of Paper Recordings, Eskimo Recordings, Full Pupp Ekspress, Euforisk et al. 'Vill Falafel' EP makes for a variegated four-slice assortment of playful disco house, engineered to cut a path of gleeful playfulness across the dancefloor thru and thru.

Paving the way, the fun-loving title-track 'Vill Falafel' reels out a lush melodic strip infused with middle-eastern imbued arpeggios, classic Chicagoan piano stabs and fevered congas taking us to an exotic jungle of sorts. The result is a smokey nightly weapon, geared up and ready to immerse the club in thick shrouds of myrrh and incense. More on the cosmic edge of things, 'Villspor' teleports us away from terrestrial concerns effortlessly. Fusing Cerrone-esque laser blasts with cheap Casio synthlines and verbed-out chimes, this one's all aimed at having the dancers weigh anchor from our earth's daily hubbub into the space's most distant, life-affirming expanses.

Continuing on the way of joy-filled disco from outer space, 'Svaberg' steers us into a slo-brewing maelstrom of sugary synths and weightless, chimey harmonics. Forget about the cloudy lid above and drift off to lands of sonic milk-and-honey. Back to a more middle-eastern-friendly vibe, closing cut 'Fot i Hummusen' moves the cursor from UK bass abstraction to Arabic sound folds with sustained dexterity, alternating sequences of intricate programming a la Hessle Audio with a busy bazaar-like atmosphere you'll indulge losing yourself into. Bubblier than ever, Boblebad sticks to his non-formulaic approach to deliver a compelling quartet of the realest groove unorthodoxy.

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