BS250 Kohib: Rhythm Cast A Spell On Me (featuring Lydia Waits)

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Design/artwork by Øivind A Sjøvoll

Rhythm Cast A Spell On Me (featuring Lydia Waits)

Format: Digital single
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS250-1
Release date: 10. sep 2021

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Rhythm Cast A Spell On Me (featuring Lydia Waits)

Press info

Delightfully eclectic sonic explorer Kohib makes a welcome return with the scintillating new single, 'Rhythm Cast A Spell On Me'.

DJ, producer and club organiser Øivind Sjøvoll has been actively producing exquisitely formed and far-reaching music for two decades, releasing cosmically-centred sounds on labels including Paper, Sprechen, and Lost Paradise. Ranging in glorious tone from the sweetest sunset soundtracks to throbbing meta-disco deviance, his expansive sound palette is both rich with vibrant luminosity and refreshingly difficult to predict. Following on from his hauntingly beautiful 'Armoured Boy' collaboration with Anneli Drecker, he's back in Beatservice action with a similarly seductive leftfield composition.

'Rhythm Cast A Spell On Me' sees Kohib welcome back singer Lydia Waits to provide a uniquely bewitching vocal performance. The profoundly atmospheric track meanders over a subtly effective rhythm track, with captivating instrumentation immaculately orchestrated to encompass delicate keys, dramatic bass notes, sprightly xylophone hits and otherworldly bass-clarinet refrains. The music blissfully caresses Waits' ethereal vocal, while hypnotic percussion elegantly embellishes the sublimely mesmeric groove.

The single release serves as a tantalising taster to a full album that's set to follow later in the year, and judging by this most spell-binding single, a supremely refined sonic delicacy awaits us.

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