BS256 Ransel: Islands

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Design/artwork by Kine Kjær/Knut Åserud


Format: Digital single
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS256
Release date: 22. jul 2022

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Press info

Beatservice Records are thrilled to announce the Islands EP from Ransel – an intriguing new project birthed from the inspired mind of Øivind A Sjøvoll, better known as Kohib.

The 'Islands' EP sees Sjøvoll adopt a floor-focused sound for the all-new moniker, serving two typically finessed compositions that each exude the distinguished quality of production we've come to expect from the skilled sonic craftsman. Having released scores of well-regarded titles on some of the world's most revered underground labels, his latest project is a perfect fit for his familiar Beatservice home.

Both tracks on the EP feature bewitching vocals performed by Charlotte Qamaniq and Kathleen Merrit, who spent time visiting his Tromsø home town back in 2018. Embellishing the music with a delightfully mysterious charm, their traditional throat singing lends itself perfectly to Sjøvoll's profound sound signature. Opening track 'Qimmiq' unfolds over a hypnotic midtempo rhythm, with the unforgettable vocals echoing over a bed of immaculately formed synth textures as thick waves of percussion add endless depth to the groove. Undulating over a deeply immersive arrangement, the music mesmerises as it effortlessly builds. Nudging the tempo while delicately upping the energy levels, the propulsive strut of 'Islands' is equally atmospheric. Rugged drums and infectious percussion provide the club-ready power before the almighty bass hook adds infinite weight to the groove. Purposefully ebbing and flowing over a full-bodied arrangement, saucer-eyed synths and loose-limbed congas swirl over the grainy vocal chants, combining to create a gloriously enigmatic moment of dance-focused abandon.

Striking, original, and overflowing with class, this is yet more impressive work from Sjøvoll, leaving us waiting with bated breath to hear more music crafted under his fascinating new Ransel alter-ego.

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