BS143 Flunk: Sanctuary

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Format: Digital Single
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS143
Release date: 25. feb 2013

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Only You (Yuleboard Live Version)

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This is a song about sitting in front of the fireplace, while outside it's so cold that it creaks when you walk and the snow is falling slowly and lightly, like particles of dust in a room lit by a beam of sun light. So it's a seasonal variation of 'On My Balcony'.

It's also about being lonely, looking down on the street where people are dressed for a night out on town or coming home from a night on town. And ultimately it's the shadows of the flames in the fireplace and the music that will be dancing for you.

We had hell 'nailing' this song, giving it what it deserved, and this is by far the best version, thanks to the mix by Kai Christoffersen, really! We're also very fond of the cover art, a Photoshop job done by photographer Jeen Na, which captures the essence of the song. We all need a sanctuary, a place to rest, a place that is home, to be at ease!

The B-side, Yazoo's 'Only You', is simply one of the best pop songs ever. We have always wanted to do it. When the band had our annual Christmas party, we decided to record it. We didn't rehearse it, just played it one or two times and recorded. We think most of all that it shows that we should interpret old songs, because Anja is really, really, really good at it!

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