BS183 Flunk: Chemistry and Math

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Chemistry and Math

Format: LP/CD/digital
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS183
Release date: 29. sep 2017

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Norway only. Rest of the world: AntiFragile.




Chemistry And Math




June, July




Assassins (With Water Guns)


Pheromone (Fade Away)


Your Beautiful Lies




Hello (Planet Awesome)

Press info

Hvordan er det mulig å bruke to år og fire måneder på en pop-plate? For de som har hørt Flunks tidligere album, vet de at det definitivt ikke skyldes en fetisj for teknisk perfeksjon. Ikke ett av opptakene til 'Chemistry and Math' er gjort i et innspillingsstudio. Alt sammen er spilt og sunget i stuer, ved kjøkkenbord og på soverom. Som vanlig. Så hvordan kan det da ta 28 måneder å sette sammen 10 spor med alternativ, lo-fi pop-musikk? Vel… Livet? Vi er busy med greiene våre, som alle andre – helt vanlige greier. Og alt sammen er inne i disse 10 låtene, i rommet og lufta og innimellom linjene i tekstene.

Inne i låtene på 'Chemistry and Math' er også masse referanser til popmusikk, noen helt åpenbare, andre litt mer skjulte. Lydlandskapet er ganske mørkt og forvrengt, men helt naturlig kulisse i en verden i en måpende kaostilstand.

Seriously, how is it possible to spend two years and four months making a pop music album? It's obviously not because of a fetish with technical perfection. Not a single take on 'Chemistry and Math' has been recorded in a recording studio. It is all living room, bedroom or kitchen table work. Which is the way we have recorded all Flunk albums. Except the last, 'Lost Causes', which was mostly done in a studio.

So really, how does it take 28 months to put together 10 tracks of alternative, lo-fi popular music? Well, life? Just life. We're busy with stuff like everybody else, ordinary stuff. And it's all in there, really. In the air in the recordings and in-between the lines of words.

'Lost Causes' was probably about realizing defeat, identifying the disappointment of lost possibilities and basically accept it and get used to it. 'Chemistry and Math' might be about how you acknowledge the inevitability of the rules and patterns and natural laws, it's not so much mystery, it's math, and chemistry, and hormones, and a constant chaos of coincidence.

Well, it’s in there, go check it out. In there are also a lot of popular music references, some obvious one, some slightly hidden. As usual. Writing the songs for a debut, 'For Sleepyheads Only', at the beginning of the century, now feels like a sunny haze of innocence and blue skies. And a total absence of black clouds. 'Chemistry and Math' is installed in a much bleaker and more distorted soundscape, reflecting the mood of the world thrown at us in a fucked up era. But we're happy with the songs and the sound, happy to finally be finished and most of all happily looking forward to meet our fantastic fans around the world.

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