BS280 b0ka: Chili Blonde's Livingroom Sessions

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Design/artwork by Bjørnar Sira

Chili Blonde's Livingroom Sessions

Format: Digital EP
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS280
Release date: 1. mar 2024

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Let Go (Chili Blonde's Livingroom Sessions)


Want Me To (Chili Blonde's Livingroom Sessions)

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Beatservice Records welcome back b0ka with Chili Blonde's Livingroom Sessions versions of two cuts lifted from their recent album 'Forever, My Friend'.

After making a hiatus-busting return to action that culminated in last year's critically acclaimed long-player, the long-time friends and freeform musical mavericks behind the b0ka project are once again making waves with their genre-defying compositions. The pop-leaning sonics of 'Forever, My Friend' won the outfit a new generation of fans while bringing smiles to the faces of fans of their breakthrough material on the likes of Eskimo, Paper and Diamond Club, and the Chili Blonde's Livingroom Session cuts are sure to do the same.

First up, the honeyed vocals and languid guitar melodies of 'Let Go' sound entirely blissful as they glide over heads-down rhythms and rich bass, the radio-friendly arrangement cutting straight to the chase as the gorgeously catchy music drifts from the speakers.

Next, we find 'Want Me To', with its evocative guitar strums, dreamy keys and stripped rhythms once again providing a heavenly bed from where the sumptuous vocals soar.

This is more stunning work from the b0ka collective, intimate, emotion-rich, and immaculately performed.

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