Per Henrik Svalastog from Tromsų is one of the veterans of Norwegian electronica and has been a recording artist for 25 years. He was part of the experimental electronica duo Information (Rune Grammofon, Beatservice Records), and has been touring the world with the art performance act Baktruppen. He has released three solo albums, Silencer in 2005 (Beatservice Records/Information Recordings), Woodwork in 2006 (Rune Grammofon), and Timer in 2009 (Information Recordings/Beatservice Records).

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  • BS087CD Silencer CD (Beatservice Records 2005)
  • Woodwork CD (Rune Gramofon 2006)
  • IR006 Timer CD (Beatservice Records 2009)
  • BS174 Housework Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2016)

compilation contributions

  • Arctic Circles 3 (BSCD043) CD (Beatservice Records 2001)
    Svalastog: Land
  • Arctic Circles 3 DJ Sampler (BSEP043) 12" (Beatservice Records 2001)
    Svalastog: Land
  • Money Will Ruin Everything DCD/book (Rune Gramofon 2003)
    Svalastog: Pine Solution
  • Do you copy? CD (Mitek 2006)
    Svalastog: No Oil Work

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