Third Attempt

Norwegian producer, Third Attempt, has wasted no time making his uniquely indelible mark on the subaquatic musical universe. The Oslo-based artist has released impeccably produced music on a tight selection of renowned labels, including finding a regular home on supreme Norwegian imprint, Beatservice Records, as well as benchmark UK disco imprint, Paper Recordings.

Aged just 25-years old, the depth of his musical wisdom and the influences he carries into his essential productions are nothing short of staggering. Traversing dreamy soundscapes that blissfully range in tone through lounge, jazz, ambient, trip-hop and house, his work is endowed with a supple musicality that belies his tender age.

His accomplishments are all the more impressive when you take into account that he's completely self-taught in music and production - having travelled a winding path deep into the electronic underground following his earliest exposure to the more commercial shades of the spectrum. Journeying through the experimental sounds of Ambient, Trip Hop, House, Techno, he's diligently studied masters to arrive at his extraordinarily refined and evolving sound signature.

Gleefully embracing the work of UK heavyweights like LTJ Bukem, Mr Scruff, Floating Points, Aphex Twin, and Four Tet while continuing the bountiful lineage of Norwegian luminaries such as Todd Terje, Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas, Bjørn Torkse, Biosphere. He's carefully studied some of the most revered talents in the industry – filtering and refining his influences to create a sound that's searingly personal.

It was following a move to the mythically Norse disco-rich topography of Tromsø in 2017 that he encountered his first experience of club music. This marked the beginning of his ongoing relationship with Beatservice Records, striking a chord with the well-tuned ear of label manager, Vidar. His very first live performance took place in Tromsø, too, at the Insomnia Festival, and he's since gone on to move crowds at gigs and festivals throughout Norway and beyond.

His shows are ever-evolving, incorporating stunning visual imagery to create a vibrantly visceral audio-visual experience. His sparkling discography includes a pair of expansive albums – 'The World Is Too Loud' and 'Beats From The Quarantine' – and has generated enthusiastic support from key players from all corners of the underground with Ron Trent and Bill Brewster as his fans.

With a sound that's equally well-suited to at home meditations or joyous dancefloor exchange, he's expertly crafted a catalogue of sounds that are uncommonly well-suited to the spirit of the times. On top of this, his hunger and desire to advance his sonic quest creates an unshakable sense that there's a great deal more to come from this fast-rising artist.

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  • Dreams In Common - Digital Album (self released 2017)
  • Hidden Digital EP (self released 2017)

  • BS190 Shoreline Digital single (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS198 Serve Chilled Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS204 On Tonight Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2019)
  • BS221 Reprise EP Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2019)
  • BS221S Be Yourself (Radio Edit) Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2019)
  • BS225 World Is Too Loud Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2020)
  • BS226 Rotor/Ventil (radio edits) Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2020)
  • BS227 Ventil (club version) Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2020)
  • BS235 Transit Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2020)
  • BS238 Third Attempt & LP Martin: Muggost EP Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2020)
  • BS225LP World Is Too Loud LP (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS243 Missing Feeling Digital single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS244 Beats From The Quarantine Digital album (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS244-1 Front To The Back Digital single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS244-2 Make It Double Digital single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS251 Quarantine Remixes Digital album (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS251-1 Rain/Missing Feeling Remixes Digital single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS251-2 Front To The Back (Third Attempt Club Mix) Digital single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS251-3 Addicted (Kim Young Ill & Duv Tales Remix) Digital single (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS252 The Novel Sound Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS252-1 Age Of Steam Digital single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS252-2 Nu Funk Digital single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS252-3 Sunbeam Symphony Digital single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS252-4 Sunbeam Symphony (Third Attempt Club Remix) Digital single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS252-5 Age Of Steam (Ransel Remix) Digital single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS262 Trust In Theme Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS262-1 Checking You Out Digital single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS264 Soul Lifting Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS264-1 Love Star Digital single (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS264-2 Believe Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS271 The Spirit Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS271-1 Keep Playin' Digital single (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS271-2 Our Show For The Night Digital single (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS271-3 Hold Me Digital single (Beatservice Records 2023)
  • BS276 Momentary Bliss LP/digital Album (Beatservice Records 2023)


  • BS279 Keep Your Head Up (Flash Atkins Remixes Digital EP (22. mar 2024)

compilation contributions

  • ArchiPOP#2 (BS200) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2018)
    Third Attempt: Serve Chilled (short version)
  • ArchiPOP#2 (BS200LP) LP (Beatservice Records 2018)
    Third Attempt: Serve Chilled (short version)
  • Prima Norsk 5 (BS215) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2019)
    Third Attempt: Acid Funk
  • BSRMX01 (BS236) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2020)
    Third Attempt: Transit (Henrik Villard Remix)
  • BSRMX01 (BS236CD) CD (Beatservice Records 2020)
    Third Attempt: Transit (Henrik Villard Remix)

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