Upper Rooms

Upper Rooms aka Isak Anderssen is a full time composer and musician working with a variety of styles and genres. A short period he was also the leader of Oslo Industry Ensemble, a project which combined scrap metal and electronics with theatrical elements, which often resulted in (unintentional) injuries to the musicians.

But Upper Rooms is in quite a different part of the musical world. This project is inspired by a.o. the German electro scene, eighties synth pop and Kraftwerk.Upper Rooms deals with the simple and the immediate, at times naivistic, but always with a firm base in melody.

Live, he joins forces with the Montenegrin aristocrat and cosmopolitan Marcia Malkovic on synthesizers, and the former Italian porn star Claude Ritornell on electronic percussion.

Isak Anderssen has recently started a new label, Letzton. Check out the  page here.

Also, check out Isak Andersen's own homepage here.


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