Beatservice Records

Beatservice Records is a norwegian label focusing on various forms of electronic music from norwegian artists.

Beatservice Records is run by Vidar Hanssen.

For A&R and general matters:

Beatservice Records
Grøtsundveien 13
vidar @



Beatservice Records is at the moment consolidating and focusing on the excisting artists.
However, we are always interested in hearing new stuff! But please note one importaint thing: Beatservice Records is ONLY working with Norwegian electronic artists. This is not because we don't like foreigners. Or because we don't like rock. It is strictly due to concept and capacity. After all, we do this on a kitchen table, in our spare time! But if you do come from Norway, and you do make cool electronic music: We preffer link to SoundCloud page or other streaming services. Please do not send sound files!


Beatservice is currently a digital only label, distributed by Phonofile. Some back-catalogue CD's (and some new physical releases) are distributed in Norway through Musikkoperatørene, and exported by them.

We do know that some still think that physical is best, and people are saying that vinyl is back. Not quite so, at least not for small idealistic lables, but we just might return with some physical formats in the future!

While we wait, you'll find what's left of the physical back catalogue (and some new stuff) at our Bandcamp shop.

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