Legs 11

Legs 11 was formed when Sigmund Floyd, of Palace of Pleasure fame, joined forces with Torstein Dyrnes from the now defunct Playstation duo Tøyen, and mysterious bedroom musician Nils Tveten. During a karaoke-fuelled haze in the seedy parts of Oslo, they discovered a shared love of synth pop, post-punk, new wave and house music. Drawing on these influences, the band has created a diverse musical universe, ranging from dark repetitive guitar driven tracks, via infectious pop gems, to deep yet melodic dancefloor-orientated grooves. In 2017 they were joined by multi-instrumentalist Audun Severin Eftevåg, who also brought a new instrument into the band: the saxophone!

Legs 11 loves to play live concerts and do so with a band setup containing lots of keyboards, guitars, percussive instruments and wind instruments. The members constantly switch instruments and take turns to sing the lead and backing vocals.

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Pre-Beatservice discography:

  • Artificial EP (Drooling Cow Records) 2010
  • Side 1 (Drooling Cow Records) 2010
  • Side 2 (Drooling Cow Records) 2010
  • Dripping EP (Cleanroom Records) 2012
  • Pessimist EP (Drooling Cow Records) 2015
  • Summer (Drooling Cow Records) 2017

Beatservice releases:

  • BS186 Dare To Touch (featuring Hanna Paulsberg) Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2017)
  • BS187 Another Wave Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2017)
  • BS187LP Another Wave LP (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS191-1 The Rhythm (Scandolearic Mixes) Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS191-2 The Rhythm (Oslo Underground Mixes) Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS196 Cruel Summer Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2018)
  • BS207 Love From Above (Reimagined) Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2019)


  • BS208 Better Hair Days (2006-2017) Digital Album (29. mar 2019)

compilation contributions

  • Prima Norsk 4 (BS165) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2016)
    Legs 11: Lust Throwing Vibe
  • Prima Norsk 4 (BS165CD) CD (Beatservice Records 2016)
    Legs 11: Lust Throwing Vibe
  • Prima Norsk 4 (BS165LP) LP (Beatservice Records 2016)
    Legs 11: Lust Throwing Vibe
  • ArchiPOP#2 (BS200) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2018)
    Legs 11: Dare To Touch (radio edit)
  • ArchiPOP#2 (BS200LP) LP (Beatservice Records 2018)
    Legs 11: Dare To Touch (radio edit)

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