BS211 Reggie Got Beats: Verdensrommet

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Reggie Got Beats:

Format: Digital Single
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS211
Release date: 12. apr 2019 (tbc)

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Verdensrommet (Instrumental)


Verdensrommet (Kohib Remix)

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"Verdensrommet" is the first single from Reggie Got Beats' debut EP "Disko Naiv", dropping May 10th. Wrapped in a quirky and irresistibly funky production that gets your feet moving, Kari Eskild delivers soft vocals portraying a moment where you feel completely alone and in your zone on a crowded dancefloor. While the groove strolls easily, you are taken on a journey through interlocking synth, bass and percussion parts, before Kristoffer Eikrem's solo on the otherwordly Akai EWI tops it all off.

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