BS049 Flunk: Miss World

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Miss World

Format: 12"
Catalogue number: BS049
Release date: 22. apr 2002

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Miss World




Kebab Shop 3 AM (rune lindbęk remix)


Kebab Shop 3 AM (electromonika remix)


Kebab Shop 3 AM (ivar winter remix)

Press info

BS049 Flunk: Miss World

 Flunk består av Ulf Nygaard (Folk & Røvere), Jo Bakke (Happy Campers, Antenna), Anji (aka Anja Øyen Vister, legestudent med sin egen solo-karriere på gang).

Flunk beveger seg i behagelig tempo, mye av opptakene er preget av at de er gjort på hete sommerdager.

Miss World er en fin melankolsk forsmak på albumet "For Sleepyheads Only" (BS051LP/CD), med en vekselvirkning mellom Ulf og Anji på vokal. I tillegg får vi det eksklusive bonussporet Melancolic, samt tre remixer av album-sporet Kebab Shop 3 AM utført av Rune Lindbæk, Elektromonika og Ivar Winther.

Flunk is the new project from producer Ulf Nygaard (from Norwegian pop/downbeat act Folk & Røvere), guitarist Jo Bakke (he used to be in Norwegian pop act Happy Campers, who moved on to electronic music, had a 12" out on Ninja Tunes, and now also is one half of house-combo Antenna who released their first 12" on US label Guidance last autumn) plus vocalist Anji (real name Anja Øyen Vister, a medical student with a blooming career as a solo act).

The soundscapes are mid-tempo, with the sound of guitars almost always present, putting a kind of rock touch to the chill-out feel and soothing, sometimes almost naïve pop tunes.

Miss World is a fine melancholic taster from the debut album For Sleepyheads Only. In addition, we get the exclusive bonus track Melancolic, plus three remixes of the album-track Kebab Shop 3 AM done by Rune Lindbæk (Those Norwegians, Repap), Elektromonika and Ivar Winther.

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