BS223 Jarle Bråthen: Fjernstyrt Mexicaner

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Jarle Bråthen:
Fjernstyrt Mexicaner

Format: Digital EP
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS223
Release date: 10. jan 2020

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Fjernstyrt Mexicaner


Tropiske Strøk







Press info

Jarle Bråthen is a DJ, producer and curator in the realm of Nordic Disco and House. After finishing his degree in Electronic Music Production and Performance, Jarle Bråthen is currently situated in Berlin, where he DJs at different venues such as Crack Bellmer and Salon Zur Wilden Renate. He also runs his monthly residency called; "FjernstYrt" at Kreuzberg's hidden gem; Bohnengold. In additional to DJing he spend a vast amount of time in the studio producing music.

He has releases both as as half of the duo "Ytre Rymden Dansskola" and as solo artist on Prins Thomas' label Full Pupp, and on lables like Correspondant Rec, Luv Shack Rec, Midnight Riot and Walking Disco.

His inspiration comes from the classic italo disco, 80's style and the 70's. He re-interprets this eras together with the familiar scandolaeric grooves of the Norwegian house scene.

Following his contribution on the Prima Norsk 5 compilation, and the Melk i Barten EP, Jarle Bråthen is out with yet another slab of scandolearic greatness. The title track is a nod both towards his Bohnengold clubnight FjernstYrt, and the popular german party shot Mexikaner. A nice uptempo disco/house party starter. The rest of the EP is equal parts rickety scandi-house mixed with italo and balearic grooves.

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