Arctic Circles 2 - the 7" series

To celebrate the 5 year anivercary of Beatservice Records, a special limited 7" series was released. Each Beatservice artist's contribution to the Arctic Circles 2 compilation was featured on a 7", with a remix from another Beatservice artist on the b-side. The series was a remix-chainletter, where the artist remixing the b-side was featured on the next 7". The artwork is variations over the Arctic Circles 2 artwork, with individual colours for each artist. The vinyl is in the same matching colour. Each 7" was limited to 200 copies.

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The series are now sold out from Beatservice Mail Order, but you can still get all of them here. BSS025-1

Artist: Mind over MIDI

Stay With Me
Emotional Consequences (Information remix)

Vinyl colour: blue

Release date: 25. may


"Stay With Me" is in the familiar ICE acoustik minimal style, with a downtempo eire soundscape and strange stereo effects. Information has taken the rhytms from "Emotional Consequences" from the "ICE Acoustik" album (BS025) and re-created it completely, into a strange but beautiful groovy journey.

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Artist: Information

Fish and Concrete
I.F.F. (Sternklang remix)

Vinyl colour: grey

Release date: 10. aug

"Fish and Concrete" is a pulsating strange electronica track in the familiar Information soundscapes. On the b-side, Sternklang takes "I.F.F." from the "Artifacts" album (BS011) into a pounding percussive rhythm monster. 

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Artist: Sternklang

Neolounge (Teebee & K remix)

Vinyl colour: green

Release date: 6. sept

"Afterglow" is a laidback funky track, possibly the strongest track on the Arctic Circles 2 compilation. Teebee & K has given "Neolounge", the title track from Sternklang's latest album (BS023), a cool electro treatment.

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Artist: Teebee & K

Mindshadows (Aedena Cycle remix)

Vinyl colour: black

Release date: 1. nov

"Jazztronauts" is a jazzy and smooth drum'n'bass track, the most uptempo track on the Arctic Circle 2 compilation. Aedena Cycle has turned "Mindshadows" from the "Black Science" album (BS021)into a more gentle electronica track.

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Artist: Aedena Cycle

Cargo Cult
The Glipp (Motion Control's play it again mix)

Vinyl colour: red

Release date: 15. nov

"Cargo Cult" is not from the album "Cargo Cult", but exclusive to the "Arctic Circle 2" compilation. It's a odd funky track, driven by a catchy guitar sample, but with the usual Aedena Cycle trickery. "The Glipp" from the "Cargo Cult" album (BS024) is played again by Motion Control, transformed into a catchy housey thing.

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Artist: Motion Control

Digits 2 (Mind over MIDI remix)

Vinyl colour: yellow

Release date: nov (tbc)

"Strawberries" is a laidback, but still funky house track, the first taster of the new Motion Control style. The B-side is Mind over MIDI's minimal apporach to the "Digits 2" track, original taken from the "Digits" album (BS017).

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Arctic Circles 2 CD