BS259 Boblebad: Kor Du Ska? (featuring Nora Pagu)

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Design/artwork by Ulf Moen Denneche

Kor Du Ska? (featuring Nora Pagu)

Format: Digital Single
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS259
Release date: 8. jul 2022

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Kor Du Ska? (Kort Versjon) (feat. Nora Pagu)


Kor Du Ska? (feat. Nora Pagu)


Kor Du Ska? (Instrumental)

Press info

Ulf Moen Denneche AKA Boblebad is an artist in every sense of the word. Blessed with an uncompromising creative vision, the producer, musician, painter and visual artist has been a prolific contributor to the Beatservice catalogue since arriving on the label in 2021. With an evolving sound that's impossible to pigeon-hole, he's released music on some of the electronic underground's most revered labels twisting and turning through Balearic soundscapes, brooding deep house, and bold journeys into uncompromising electronica.

The club-focused energy of 'Kor Du Ska?' sees the singing talent of Nora Pagu light up the track, with her strong-but-vulnerable vocal performance juxtaposed beautifully against Boblebad's driving soundscapes. Translated in English as 'Where are you going?', the yearning 'Kor Du Ska?' vocal echoes over a brooding backdrop of sub-rooted bass, otherworldly synth textures and evocative pads. The immaculately-formed music undulates over a crisp four/four rhythm, with the arrangement growing in intensity throughout its immersive duration. The track comes presented in three versions tweaked to set the mood in a variety of settings: The extended original, radio-friendly 'Kort Version', and dub-ready 'Instrumental'.

Deep, emotional, and kinetically charged, this is yet more powerful work from Boblebad, and an intriguing entry into the muscial fray from Nora Pagu a vocalist from whom we're certain there's much more to come.

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