BS044 Kolar Goi: Space Ballad

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Design/artwork by Bernt Ottem

Kolar Goi:
Space Ballad

Format: 12"
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS044
Release date: 27. aug 2001

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Space Ballad


The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Computer


Weep For Me (Aedena Cycle)


Modulor Man (Aedena Cycle)

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BS044 Kolar Goi: Space Ballad

 IMPORTANT NOTE: for some strange reason, the two tracks on side A have 
switched places. This tracklisting is the intended, but the actual tracklisting on 
the EP is "The Good..." as track 1 and "Space Ballad" as track 2...

Press info

Kolar Goi er et nytt navn på Beatservice, men dette er langt fra en debutant. Det er nemlig Gaute Barlindhaug sitt nye prosjektnavn, etter at en slem advokat i USA ikke lot han få fortsette å hete Aedena Cycle. Stilmessig fortsetter det i samme gate som forrige Aedena Cycle album, det vil si skjeiv electronica med synkoperte rytmer. Men en tanke mere pop? A-siden er to nye Kolar Goi-spor, men som en link til forhistorien innehloder B-siden to spor fra siste Aedena Cycle-album som omsider blir å finne på vinyl.

Kolar Goi is a new name on Beatservice, but it is no newcomer. This is Gaute Barlindhaugs new alias, after being forced to stop using the Aedena Cycle name by a US lawyer. The style continues where the last Aedena Cycle left, that is, strange electronica with his trademarked syncopated rhythms. And with a slightly more poppy edge.The A-side is two new Kolar Goi-tracks, and as a link back to his previous alias, to tracks from the last Aedena Cycle CD are now finally on vinyl on the B-side.

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